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 Central Mn Rookie / Semi Pro Championships Results
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Posted - 03/08/2009 :  16:08:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We had another great event that brought foosers from all over. They came from Duluth, Twin cities, Wisc., North Dakota, St. Cloud. It was enjoyable to see everyone again this year at our 3rd annual tourney. I can not thank everyone enough for taking time out of there busy schedules to attend and compete in our event. All of you are the reason that I put this event on year after year. All of you make this tourney a great success.

I need to give some special thanks to those of you who help get this tourney running and running smoothly.

Amanda Scott thank you for running the brackets and keeping everything running on time. With out you we would still be playing.
Moose, Scott, Myles, for helping with the set up and tear down.
and for the use of the tables. Including Don P. for his table.
The staff at Vilos for keeping everyone happy.
And that Sweet lady who made the batch of Vilo Joe's. "Sorry that you didn't get any Goot. I would talk to Thorpe as I heard he was under the table with Vilo joe Intoxication."

Here is a list of attendees;

Pete Athman T-ray
Luke Brinkman James Reagan
Joel Hensley David Lannoye
Cliff Smolinsky Michael Hinojosa
Myles Keith Norris
Deb Pflipsen Brazil" and he didn't get naked"
Wayne Arndt Tim Hansen
Wade Guensburg Adam Parochka
Coleman Matt Groth
Steve Dix Brian Jansen
Seth Erickson Neil S.
Scott Sutton L-Bob
Larry Lee Krinkie
Bill Hemauer Nate Olson
Thorpe John Winter
Mike Potts Corey Whitmer
Dan hammond Jake holzem
Dan Lacasse Joe Holzem
Brent O'keefe Josh Nelson
Moose Paul
Topher Carlos " Happy Birthday"
Phil Gootee Phil Nelson
Mike Philips Dillon Anderson

Here are the results:

Rookie / Semi-Pro: 21 teams

1st Steve Dix / Brian Jansen
2nd Brazil / Deb Pfilpsen
3rd Luke B. / James R.
4th Wayne A. / Tim H.
5th Pete A. / T-ray
6th Thorpe / John W.

Highest Placing all Rookie Team:
Moose / Paul 7th/8th

Second Chance BYP: 6 teams

1st Wade G. / Adam P.
2nd Joel H. / David L.
3rd CLiff S. / Michael H.

DYP: 15 teams

1st Matt G. / Adam P.
2nd Myles / Nate O.
3rd Moose / Bill H.

Open: 18 teams

1st Dillon A. / Larry Lee
2nd James R. / Corey W.
3rd Nate O. / Matt G.
4th Goot / Nelly
5th Steve D. / Brian J.
6th Brazil / Mike P.

Thanks again to everyone. I hope to see everyone next week at GO FOR THE GOLD tournament at Prime Time Sports Bar or The Bill Brasky Tournament in Sauk Center at the Mustang.


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Posted - 03/08/2009 :  18:18:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Paul, you are a classy guy, for a homo!!!! I can't believe you didn't want to get naked for the home crowd. Thanks for hosting another great tourny. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a good time. Thanks to Jeremy the "Foosjester" Porter for coming out and hanging with us. The bar staff was gracious as usual. Thanks for putting up with me! Thanks to Deb for carrying me once again. You played awesome. Thanks to Goot and Dillon for reffing our match.

I never claimed to know how to dance, but I'll get high, get drunk and pull down my pants!
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Posted - 03/08/2009 :  19:18:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Had a great time Paul. Thanks to all you and your staff do for foosball. Thanks to Luke for ruining my bracket. And thanks Wayne for carrying me. Thanks to Al and Lois for keeping it green. A very well run tourney and the greatest Joes in the World what more can I say.

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Posted - 03/08/2009 :  19:45:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Main Event, BYP- Champions Bracket
2.Brazil/Debra she rocks
5.T-Ray/Pete Athmann
6.Thorpedo/John Winter

Main Event, BYP-II
1.Wade Guensburg/Adam Parochka
2.Joel Hendsley/David Lannoye
3.Cliff Smolinsky/Michael Hinojosa

Main Event, DYP-III
1.Adam Parochka/Matt Groth
2.Myles/Nate Olsen
3.Moose/Bill H

Open Doubles-Bonus Event
1. Larry Lee/Dillon
2. James Regan/Cory
3. Matt Groth/Nate Olson
4. Goot/Nelly
5. Steve Dix/Brian Jansen

This was awesome event! Players came from Duluth, North Dakota, Wisconsin, the Twin Cities and all across the Midwest. Some say to battle for this prestigious title, others insist that was secondary, to the legendary Vilo-Joe. When I arrived I checked in with Paul (T.D./proprietor) and made sure there was an ample supply of Joes. He was flying high on a victory that he and Moose had just achieved bye knocking out one of the favorites (Matt and Coleman) to win the main Championship. He fully assured me they were well stocked and not to worry…….. Until I tried to partake of a Joe or two around 9:00 or 10:00 PM, when I was informed that the entire stock pile had been Thorpedoed!!! That’s right, apparently Jeff is not only is addicted to Vilo-Joes, he also has a hollow leg. Dude!! I went Joeless, and it ain’t funny. So, I must apologize to John Winter for the drubbing Nelly and I dished up to them (putting them out of the tourney),….. BUT HIS PARTENER ATE 42 JOES, and had to be stopped.

OK, returning to point… Wow! Steve Dix and Brian Jansen Main Event - Champions did not just play well and win…. They played GREAT throughout the day. Dominating the Main Event, and had a good shot taking down the Open event as well. Nelly and I played them in our first match of the day! We went down in the 5th, only the freakishly talented team (and eventual Open Event Champions) Dillon Anderson and Jodie’s husband, Larry “Pineapple man” Lee could handle their heat. (Oh yeah, and Nelly and I crushed their dreams of doubling later that evening, but they had it coming, nobody picks on Phil squared before our Jag bomb breakfast, and gets away clean)

Brazil and Deb played super strong (would you expect anything less) but the dream ended at the lower end of the Finals. James not only played great, but he know the secret of how to double cash in the tournament room… play with great goalies. Luke carried the load in the main event and Cory played like a Pro for him in the Open. Wayne and Tim brought their road show for real, and had a shot at this thing, but fourth in that room is an exceptional finish. T-Ray, and last second partner Pete Athmann, took no prisoners in “Their House”, weighing in at 5/6. Not only did they play well, but they also served up a slice of just desert to Nostradamus Cory, who identified them as only a “good on paper” team. Well I guess they were good on the table as well, cause they knocked Cory out of the main event. Thorpedo/John Winter both World Title holders and class acts were able to put the hammer down on most of the competition and also fished in the money.

Wade Guensburg and Adam Parochka put a notch on their handles wining a tough Main Event, BYP-II final against “The Fargo Express” Joel Hendsley and David Lannoye. The Express played well to get to the final, having to go through another talented Fargo entry Cliff “Smoke’n’” Smolinsky and Michael “Archangel” Hinojosa. Look to see these players start to make their mark at regional events. Their good guys, with good game, and that’s good news NDAK, but bad news for their opponents.

With Adam Parochka and Matt Groth Laying claim to the Main Event, DYP-III crown, I guess if you were going to pick an MVP, you might want to consider Adam “Two Title” Parochka, the only man to double on this day! Well to be fair Matt “Fast Hands” Groth should get an assist on the second one.

Open,…. Spotlight DA and LL, all day… Why did it even need to be played out, well because the competition for second was fierce, James was a rock star, and Cory, well as stated earlier in this post played like a Pro in every phase of his game. To get to the finals James and Cory had to face the mighty talented team Matty G and Nate Olson. I thought this was going to be a war….. but, Matt and Nate got off to a slow start, and before they really could warm up and get their game going James and Cory did what top teams do, they closed it out fast, to get to the championship round. Only they were put to rest bye the only guy wearing a tie for the entire tourney, So the title goes to Dillon and Larry, but the best dressed award goes solo to Mr. Anderson.

Was there lots of other teams and fun stuff to write about…. You bet, but I’ve reached my typing limit.

Next week Go For The gold isn’t just a motto….. it’s a payout worth it’s weight in gold!! See you there.

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Posted - 03/09/2009 :  13:32:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Paul, thanks to you and your staff for having such a fun, well ran tourney. It could have only been better if you could somehow manage to keep Moose away from me.

Hopefully we'll see some of you St. Clouders this Saturday.

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.
- Ella Williams
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Posted - 03/09/2009 :  17:44:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"Nostradamus Cory, who identified them as only a “good on paper” team."

I said that about T-ray and Dick, so I was only 50% wrong.

"To get to the finals James and Cory had to face the mighty talented team Matty G and Nate Olson."

They put James and I in the loser bracket first round. I hate Matt "the slop king" Groth.

"Cory, well as stated earlier in this post played like a Pro in every phase of his game."


The following is my awards

Quote of the weekend
James with "Ass nuts" at 3 something during the finals
Brazil was close with "I'll paste your eyes stuff with my cum"

Shot of the day
Goot with a blistering fast far side bank with his inside guy on the 2-bar to win the game. I'm still wondering how the hell he did that and where exactly it went into my goal.

Best Forward of the Day
It was a tie.
Dillon with his lighting quick 5-bar which made him the unstoppable force.
Jansen played very smart on both rods. He played slow and every move he made was a very calculated decision. Great playing to both of you.
Sorry Matt you scored to much slop to have a chance to show your true game.

Best Goalie
Deb she even made Brazil look good

Best Host
Thanks Paul

Best nutritionist
Nate Olson by eating the most sloppy Joe's and helping Goot lose weight. He had to sacrifice his own waist line to help a friend.

Amanda Scott For putting up with all of us and still smiling.

Thanks to my partners and everyone that lost to me. It was a fun weekend.


"Success is walking out of here with a title, and anything less is not good enough in my book"-Pete Sampras
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Posted - 03/10/2009 :  16:42:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Deb makes everyone she plays with look good. That's why she is a great player!
I guess I got most of the rust knocked off my 3 rod, eh Cory? You did play real good though, Cory.

I never claimed to know how to dance, but I'll get high, get drunk and pull down my pants!
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Posted - 03/10/2009 :  17:35:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by superfoozer

I guess I got most of the rust knocked off my 3 rod, eh Cory?

Yes you did nice playing

"Success is walking out of here with a title, and anything less is not good enough in my book"-Pete Sampras
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