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Info for New Players


Monday Night Foosball at Mortimers

7:30 pm Amateur Tourney 

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New to the game? 

Played it for years, but have never seen competetive foos?  

Welcome to MN Foosball!  

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Learning to Play: 

Going from spinning the rods to foosball wizard takes effort and time, but you can learn the basics of the game (and the skills to impress your friends) pretty quickly.  It just takes a combination of playing with experienced foosers (those that know the game and are happy to teach) and what we call 'table time.'  That is, spending time on your own at a table, getting practice in at the pass or shot you'd like to learn (like going to the driving range or putting green).

Where to Start:

For those in the Twin Cities, there are distinct events meant to help introduce new players to competitive foos. 


For four years, Monday Night Foosball was hosted at Mortimer's as a venue for new players to play competitive foos that's still more casual than larger tournaments.  When expert players come down to play on Mondays, it is to help new players with their game and have fun.  Monday beginner tournaments are currently on hiatus, but players still often play on Monday nights.  New players are also encouraged to join a Seasonal League, check out pick up games at Mortimer's (any weekday happy hour and Friday nights) or the Saturday tournament at Jimmy's.     

For those outside the Twin Cities (or can't make Monday nights), we encourage you to find local events near you and introduce yourself to your fellow foosers.  Challenge them to a friendly game and hit them up afterward for tips (how'd you do that shot?).  The Minnesota foosball scene has plenty of players who are happy to show the basics to newcomers and help those who are interested in improving their game.

Foosball Tips Online 
There are a number of online resources to help improve your foosball game.  

Listed below are three Youtube channels developed by pro players to help you with your game:

FAQ for New Players

Q1: What about the rules?  

i. Does slop count?  ii. Isn't a snake shot a spin?  iii. Goalie shots worth two?* 

Every home might have their own basement rules, and certain specialty formats might have unique rules, but like any competitive game, foosball has made efforts over the years to provide a set of rules that are familiar to players across the world.  

The Basic Rules of Foosball - a streamlined version

The Official Rules - this is the official rule book for international play International Table Soccer Federation

Two Specialty Formats: the rules for Classic and Speedball play are also used in international tournaments.  

*As for the questions above...

i. Yes, slop counts.  

ii. No, or at least not an illegal spin.  You're allowed one revolution (359 degrees) before, and one revolution after contact of the ball.  

iii. No, all goals are worth one point in standard play.  

-  Table Buying Guide -  

(Coming Soon) 


I'm Interested in Buying a Table, What Should I Buy?

Links for Parts & Tables

Tornado Foosball - Tornado tables & parts direct from the manufacture

Craigslist - resource for used tables

Facebook Market - resource for used tables

Kozoom - International Parts

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