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Tournament Results

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Mortimer's Results:

Wed DYP:

1/22 (7 teams)

1st: Skip/Jared 

2nd: Wallis/John W

3rd: Mike E/Nick E

EB/Jordan P

L-Bob/Josh B

Tom D/Matt F

Brandon P/Ben T

1/29 (11 teams)

1st: John W/Jared 

2nd: Mo/Matt F

3rd: Zach S/Steve M


Ben T/Wallis


Brandon P/Ben T

Rick/Mike E

Joe S/Josh N


Josh B/Brian K


Jimmy's Results:

Saturday DYP:

12/14 (10 teams)

1st: Bill W/Roger L

2nd: Jared/Jordan

3rd: John W/Steve M


12/21 (8 teams)

1st: EB/Roger L

2nd: Bill W/Doug R

3rd: Jordan P/Wayne A (WI)

MN Monthly: 

Dec 2019

BYP Results: 15 Teams

1st: Ringo/William W III

2nd: Brad S/Chris M

3rd: James R/Nate O

4th: Krink/Mo A

MN Cup Results: (5 teams, 20 players)

1st: Habitat for Foos-anity Wallis: Bombo, Rick B, Skip (captn)

2nd: Final Score Zombies: Krinkie, Mo A, Chris M, Brad S (captn)

No-Conflict DYP Results:

6 teams

1st: Tom B/Trevan S

2nd: Tom D/Mike E

3rd: John W/Steve M

Jan 2020

BYP - 14 teams

1st: Krinkie/Deb PK

2nd: James R/Tristin H

3rd: Ringo/Tom B

4th: Skip/Wallis

Lott's Revenge DYP - 2 brackets

Early Bracket - 7 teams

1st: Shaun S/Brad D (DD)

2nd: Ben T/Roger L

3rd: Gabe G/Adarsh K


Late Bracket - 6 teams

1st: EB/Nate O

2nd: Skip S/Scott L

3rd: Tristin H/Tom B