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Tournament Results

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-- Results from Jimmy's Pro Billiards --

Wednesday Monster Draw Your Partner:

Open Monster Draw Results

16 players

1st: Skip/Rick B

2nd: EB/Michael W

3rd: Mike E/Tom B

Saturday Beg/Am & Monster Double Header:

---- Beginner/Amateur and Monster Draw Results ----

22 players participated across two events last night plus cameo pick up appearances by Red and Judd.

I knew a few of our new beginner regulars weren't going to make it due to the holiday weekend, but we had some fresh faces join to pick up the Beg/Am banner. Tyler from the Morts pick up game era introduced two friends to the game and heard about this event from the website. Thanks to Tyler, Ethan and Forrest for joining us. Hope you had fun and come back again soon!

Beg/Am Monster Draw Results

8 players

1st: Bill H/Dave P

2nd: Terry P/Tom N

With: Forrest, Ethan, Tyler, and Jim F


We ran a handicapped monster with a4 round qualifier then a semi final and final in the playoffs. Although everyone was granted into the playoffs so that all the new players would get a chance, the algorithm seeding assigned some tough veteran amateurs as partners to make a steep climb even with handicaps to get Tyler and Co into the final. Just room to grow for next time fellas! Congrats to Dave and Bill on the win!


Open Monster Draw Results

18 players

1st: Skip/Bill Warren (ME)

2nd: EB/Tom N

3rd: Benji/Rick B

With: Jordan P, Seth N, John W, L Bob, Jansen, Spencer, Deb P, Jim F, Bill H, Norris, Dave P, and Steve M

It must still be peak season; even when surrounded by big foos events on adjacent weekends we still have plenty of players looking for some Foos on Saturday night.

Jansen's in danger of not being able to use rustiness as an excuse he's getting so much table time in. Other than one out of towner guest star, it was mostly a great showing from our metro area players.

Fresh off a Beg/Am finals appearance earlier in the night Tom N goes next level and pulls off some big upsets to make the Monster Draw finals, in no small part of course due to the stellar play of his pro partner EB. Also, Benji goes deep in the playoffs at the forward position making the Bronze $ when he has a top goalie to have his back (hat tip to Rick B). Next time, the final Benji Helberg!

Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket, our MaineFoos guest star Bill W and I got past Spenny and Jansen by the skin of our teeth in overtime in the first round, but were able to improve over time as a team. In the final both EB and I were passing high % to get shots on goal, but Bill's blocking percentage proved to be a difference maker to help us take it in two games. Great having you in town Bill, and glad you get to end your trip on a win!

Foos this week:

Wednesday: Monster Draw at Jimmy's

Thursday: Foos Academy Practice at Jimmy's

Fri-Sun: Shell's Foos Experience in New Ulm

Saturday: Monster Draw at Jimmy's 7:30 pm

See you on the table in April!

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