Twin Cities

--- On Hiatus ---

Casual pick-up games often still occur on Monday nights.  Check back for updates.  

Amateur Tournament at

Mortimer's in Mpls 

7:30 pm start time

A smaller, more casual event meant for newer and amateur players. 

Format varies based on number of players and turnout.  Example: Hi/Lo Draw Your Partner, Goalie Wars, One-Night-League Format   


Draw Your Partner Tournament at Mortimer's in Mpls

7:30 pm start time.

$10 entry $5 for beginners


DYP's at Jimmy's have been moved to Saturdays.  

Pick-up games at Mortimer's at 10 pm is a common playing destination.  


Draw Your Partner Tournament at Jimmy's

8 pm start time. 

Tournament Director: Bill W

MN Monthly at Jimmy's

1st Saturday of the Month

Bring Your Partner Tournament at 4:30

Different Follow-up events  each month (approx 7 pm start time).


Occasional Sunday Tournaments at Jimmy's

Check Calendar, Forum or Facebook group for details and formats.  


Greater MN Tournaments

Draw Your Partner Tournament at Oleandar Saloon in Mankato

8 pm start time


Draw your Partner tourney at Izzy's BBQ in Superior WI

Sign ups at 8 pm

Draw your Partner tourney at Benton Station in Sauk Rapids.

Sign ups at 8 pm 


Friday Night Foos in 



Know of Other Tournaments in MN? 

Want to advertise them on our site?  

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