Twin Cities


--- On Hiatus ---

Casual pick-up games often still occur on Monday nights.  Check back for updates.  

Amateur Tournament at

Mortimer's in Mpls 

7:30 pm start time

A smaller, more casual event meant for newer and amateur players. 

Format varies based on number of players and turnout.  Example: Hi/Lo Draw Your Partner, Goalie Wars, One-Night-League Format   



---On Hiatus Due to COVID ---

Draw Your Partner Tournament at Mortimer's in Mpls

7:30 pm start time.

$10 entry $5 for beginners


DYP's at Jimmy's have been moved to Saturdays.  


Weekly Draw Your Partner Tournament at Jimmy's

8 pm start time. 

Tournament Director: Jared W

This event occurs each week with 10-16 people avg.  Larger events are on hiatus due to COVID (see below).  

MN Monthly at Jimmy's

--- On Hiatus Due to COVID ---

1st Saturday of the Month

Bring Your Partner Tournament at 4:30

Different Follow-up events  each month (approx 7 pm start time).

Monthly Singles Saturday at Jimmy's

--- On Hiatus Due to COVID ---

3rd Saturday of the Month

Singles Tournament starting at 7 pm

Draw Your Partner (as usual) at 8 pm


Pick Up games at Mortimer's (9 pm or later)

Occasional Sunday Tournaments at Jimmy's

Check Calendar, Forum or Facebook group for details and formats.  

Greater MN Tournaments


Draw Your Partner Tournament at Oleandar Saloon in Mankato

8 pm start time


Draw your Partner tourney at Izzy's BBQ in Superior WI

Sign ups at 8 pm

Draw your Partner tourney at Benton Station in Sauk Rapids.

Sign ups at 8 pm 


Friday Night Foos in 


Know of Other Tournaments in MN? 

Want to advertise them on our site?  

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