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- Playing Locations - 

Twin Cities

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Tournament Locations:

Mortimer's Pub and Restaurant

2001 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls

Regular tournaments have ceased at Mortimer's as they are down to 1 table.  The return of tournaments would be contingent on player interest.  


'Pick Up' Games

Competitive foos in a casual format.

Players try to hold the table as the winner stays and the challengers pays for the game.

Approx Start time - 

9:30 pm (play until near bar close)

Happy Hour Foosball

There are players here for a drink and a few games most weekday evenings from approx 5-7 pm.  

Jimmy's Pro Billiards

4040 Central Ave NE Columbia Heights

4 T3000 Tornado tables


Draw Your Partner Tournament

7:30 pm start time

8:00 pm sign ups close

Tournament Director: Jared  W

The 3rd Saturday of the Month now includes a Singles tournament as well as Draw Your Partner Doubles.

7:00 pm sign ups close for Singles

7:15-7:30 pm matches start and DYP sign ups begin ,   

Tournament Director for Singles: Josh Bennis

- Minnesota Monthly -

1st Saturday of the Month

Bring Your Partner Tournament plus follow-up events. 

4:30 pm Start Time

Details posted in the events section and on the forum 

(The largest monthly tournament of its kind in the Midwest). 


Foos at the U:

Goldy's Gameroom - Coffman Memorial Union

University of Minnesota East Bank Campus

2 Fireball Tables

This venue is open to the general public.  

Student Tournaments on Fridays during the School Year

7:00 pm sign ups close

Tournaments are usually run as double-elimination doubles format (where you can bring your partner or randomly draw one if you come solo), but formats vary by turnout and interest.  

Next Tournament: Friday December 17th 2021

Spring Semester 2022 Tournament Dates: TBD


Other Playing Locations


1691 Park Pl Blvd St. Louis Park

Punch Bowl Social

2 T3000 Tornados, 1 8-player Bonzini table


5005 Glumack Dr. Mpls

2 Brunswick tables on Free Play

At the InterContinental Hotel near MSP Airport


825 W. Jefferson Ave St. Paul

St. Paul Tap

1 8-person warrior table.  Fun option for a party or large group!  


2911 Hennepin Ave. Mpls

2 Tornados in lower level

Bring silicone

A regular place for college students to play on weekends  


6420 Camden Ave Brooklyn Center

Top Golf

1 Tornado on free play upstairs

Bring silicone


400 Snelling Ave N. St. Paul

3 Tornado Tables on Free Play

(open to public Fri-Sun on non game days; available with MN United Tickets on game days.)

iron door.jpg

3001 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls

Iron Door Pub

1 T3000 Tornado Table

Brand New; in excellent condition

Poor lighting 

(occasional uptown pick-up games)


1121 W Lake St. Mpls

Moxy Hotel and Bar

1 Brunswick Table on Free play


1400 Lagoon Ave, Mpls

Uptown Tavern

1 Tornado Table

Bring silicone 


430 N 1st Ave Mpls


1 Tornado in lower level

Bring silicone

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