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1/12: New Tourney Night at Jimmy's 

Due to player interest, the regular weekly draw your partner tourney at Jimmy's is moving from Friday to Saturday night.  Bill W will be the default Tournament Director (contact him if you're interested in helping).  The bracket will be drawn up at 8pm; further details regarding the tourney will be out soon.  That makes Mortimer's pick-up scene the default Friday option again.  Dave P and Judd E have regularly been keeping that tradition alive with a small group of others...expect Friday attendance there to rise as well.  

The Monthly will continue to run on the FIRST Saturday of the month in lieu of the evening DYP.  

1/22: Winter League is Underway in Minneapolis 

The Minneapolis Winter league has 4 large teams with 18 total players.  Teams face off in 7 games of various formats (doubles, singles, goalie wars, rollerball, etc) to vie for the Winter Title.  Join us Tuesdays through 2/19 at both Mortimer's and Jimmy's to root on the league teams, join in as a sub, and play pick up games.  (There will be two teams at each venue each week until the finals at Jimmy's).  More info here: leagues.

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