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3/10/24: Adding a High $$ Tournament Night at Jimmy's 

Due to player interest, the regular weekly tournament on Saturdays is adding a monthly side pot!  The second Saturday of the month will be a high $$ draw, where for an optional larger entry you have a chance to win the extra kick-in and all the added $$!  

Tentatively, the plan is as follows:
So that any players on a tight budget in these not-so-affordable times can still participate, the standard $5 beginner/$10 regular entries apply, but anyone who wants to $pice up the tournament can enter the $10 side pot.  Highest placing players in the side pot get the extra winnings.  The TD will be adding $5 per player into the side pot up to $50.  

Thus the standard Jimmy's Saturday event schedule will be as follows:
1st Saturday: MN Monthly (BYP and follow up events starting at 4:30 pm)
2nd Saturday: High $$ DYP at 7:30 pm
3rd Saturday: Singles at 4:30 and Shake n' Bake at 7:30 pm
4th Saturday: Beg/Am at 5:30 and Monster DYP at 7:30 pm
(5th Saturday: DYP at 7:30 pm)


2/10/24: MN Foos Academy added to the Spring Jimmy's line-up

With the large number of beginner foosers that have made appearances the last few weeks on our tournament nights, and MN State approaching, we will be trying out designated practice nights at Jimmy's from 6-9 pm on Thursdays through April.  These events are open to all but are meant to be an opportunity for players to practice shots, refine skills, share tips and spar for fun.  $5 entry gets you all-you-can-foos as the tables will be on unlimited play.  

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Foosballers Film Coming to Mpls!!!

The Foosballers documentary has been travelling the country making stops at various film festivals before mass distribution.  It makes its appearance in the Bold North of MN this February 11th for a one-night-only screening at St. Anthony Main Theater.

Come join us for a special foos event!  

Special guests at a post-screening Q&A will be announced once confirmed.  

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Foosball heads back to the U of M for the Spring Semester

The Fireball foosball tables are always at Coffman Union for aspiring players and students, and MNFoosball will be hosting select events for the spring 2020 Semester.


Feb. 7th,

Feb. 26th,

Mar. 19th,

Apr. 3rd

Apr. 24th.


More details coming soon (also available on the student union and activities website).   

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New MN Foosball Apparel Now Available

We have a new batch of Minnesota Foosball hoodies and T-shirts in stock.  

Current colors include:

Tees ($20): Cardinal, Loon Blue, Charcoal

Hoodies ($35): Olive, Charcoal, Sky Blue

Any interested trendsetters should email

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