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MN Foosball on Facebook:

Minnesota Foosball Players 

NE Minneapolis Foosball

Mankato Foosball

Iron Range Foosball

Twin Ports/Duluth Foosball


Our Midwest Neighbors on Facebook:

Iowa Foosball

North Dakota Foosball

Wisconsin Foosball

MN Foosball on Youtube:

BecauseFoosball - Joe M's videos of Local and Tour Matches 


Professional Play

MN Masters:

Highlights from the best in the Midwest

1984 World Championships

2007 MN State Open Doubles Final
2008 World Championships Open Doubles - Gummeson/McMillin v. Collignon/Loffredo
Open Singles Final: Robert Mares vs. Johnny Horton - Tornado 2001 WCS



Foosball's Fab Five: Collignon, Loffredo, Spredeman, Pappas, and Moore

Pappas vs. Collignon at the Tornado Worlds 

Spredeman's amazing performance at the Tornado Worlds

Collignon & Allalou vs. Pappas & Moore at the 2012 P4P EM

Collignon vs. Heinrich at the 2010 P4P DM


Collignon v. Hundstorfer at the 2008 Garlando Worlds

Collignon v. Moore - World Cup 2010 OS Final


Battle in Atlanta: Moore/Blowers v. Loffredo/Reese


Las Vegas Rollerball: Loffredo/Horton v. Moore/Diaz

Trick Shots

Part 1 Unreal Foos - Billy Pappas Unreal Trick Shots Part 1
Part 2 Unreal Foos - Billy Pappas Unreal Trick Shots Part 2
Part 3 Unreal Foos - Billy Pappas Unreal Trick Shots Part 3

Collignon Signature Shot:
Collignon Helicopter

Nokia's N8 Foosball Fever

Earliest Viral Foosball Trick Shot Video

Foosball skills

German Style P4P table Trick Shot Video:

Best of Kicker

Jamal Allalou's aerial finish:
2009 P4P Deutsche Meisterschaft Doubles Final

Collignon and Allalou put on an exhibition:
Collignon/Allalou at 2008 Bonzini Worlds



National tournament schedule

Tournament charts & sign up sheets

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