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About MN Foosball

To many Minnesotans, foosball is something of a novelty: a bar game where you spin the rods until the ball flies off the table or an kids-game-turned-furniture for the basement rec room.    

For some of the baby-boom generation, they might remember an era when foosball was ​the nation's fastest growing sport, with Million dollar tours and tournaments for cars, only to be superseded by Space Invaders and arcade games in the early '80s.  

However, to a small community of Minnesotans, foosball is a hobby, sport, and state-bound pastime.  These MN 'foosers' are the ones who play on the table until the bar closes, practice on their 'home table,' and are sure to find a place to foos when they visit a new town.  They play in foosball leagues and tournaments just as they might in softball, hockey, chess, or golf.


Minnesota has an impressive history when it comes to foosball, and the state is home to a number of world champions.  Some of today's local players still travel and compete against the best foosers in the world.      


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New Players

New to MN foosball?  Check out our resources for new players.

Player Profiles

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External Links about Foosball:


The premier documentary about the Golden Era of Foosball. 


Kickstarter trailer for an upcoming documentary about the current pro tour.  

Great Big Story

Short interview of Tony Spredeman.  Part of a docu-series on fringe competitive sports.  

International Foosball

Documentary on Slovakian foosball and the founding of the International Table Soccer Federation.  

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