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Aug MN Monthly Results 8/3/19





With 33 players across 3 events, we had a nice showing for a summer tourney.  Thanks to our out of towner guest stars (Mark, Jason, Kevin, Keith, Roger, Wayne, Ringo, Tracy, Trevan and more!)  Your attendance made the event.  Thanks also to Uday, Anu, and Kevin (finally!) for making their monthly.  All our newbies had a lot of fun and we hope to see them again.  


BYP Results - 16 teams


1st: Gummy/T-Mac

2nd: Ringo/Tom B

3rd: Zach S/Clif H

4th EB/Nate O

Tristin H/William W III

Jared W/Trevan S

John W/Wallis

Mike E/Keith N

Mark J/Jason B

Skip S/Mo A

Dan D/Josh N

Tom H/Steve M

Tony M/Wayne A

Kevin F/Nick E

Uday/Nick E

Wayne A (WI)/Roger L


Although Ringo and Tom played them tough in both the match for King Seat and the finals, Gummy and T-Mac had control throughout as they prep for Worlds.  Impressive placings from Zach and Clif (knocking out perennial placers Bill and Tristin) and Jared and Trevan (with a big 1st round win against EB and Nate O, though the latter took the revenge match to get back in the money).  Congrats to our winners, placers and up-and-comers.


No-Conflict Singles Results - 8 players


1st: Skip S

2nd: Steve M

3rd: Roger L

w/ Mike E, Nick E, Keith N, Wayne A (WI), Kevin F


Bar Hack DYP - 10 teams


1st: EB/Mike E 

2nd: Clif H/Keith N

3rd: Wayne A (WI)/Roger L

Tristin H/Zach S

William W III/Nick E

Skip S/Kevin F

Uday K/Dave P

Wallis/Anu P

Trevan S/Nate O

Steve M/John W


EB did his biannual damage with his favorite format.  However, I bet Uday had the record for make-it-take-it 5-bar shots, and Tristin for the funniest shot scoring on himself.  Clif got to show off more of his game honed at Johnny's place making it to king seat, and the Duluth players made a splash in this event as well with three northerners placing in the event. 

Thanks to Jimmy and Suzie for hosting, to EB and Jared for helping, and to all the players for coming out.  Good luck to those headed to World's labor day weekend.


Horizon:  - Sat 8/24: Iowa BYP and DYP   

- Sat 9/7: MN Monthly at Jimmy's - Double BYP (line up them partners!)




New Posts
  • ---- Nov 2019 MN Monthly Results --- 24 players participated across three events yesterday for the Nov Monthly. Potts returns with one of his trademark blast-from-the-past goalies as Haar makes an appearance, Gene O comes down warming up for Thanksgiving, and Wayne and Roger come back down from Twin Ports as Roger continues his streak of placing on Saturdays at Jimmy's. BYP Results - 10 teams 1st: William W III/Nate O 2nd: Mo A/Gene P 3rd: John W/Rick B Potts/Ray H Skip S/Tom B Tony M/Wayne A Ben T/Jared W Gene O/Chris G Dan D/Steve M Wayne A (WI)/Roger L Gene P and Mo made their presence felt with some giant-slaying against John and Rick, and the surging Potts and Ray burning through the loser's side. However, they didn't have an answer for the team that sent them there as Bill and Nate won in the first set. No-Conflict Singles - 7 players 1st: Skip S (DD) 2nd: Chris M 3rd: Roger L Gene O Scott L Wayne A (WI) Josh B Tom B Both Chris and I were trading 2-bar shots in both the king seat match and final. His patented Frankenstein earned him king seat. We shortened the second set to a race to 7 for time. It had a fair share of slop, but Chris forced a 6-6 point with a great drive-by-esque 5-bar to 3-bar pick up. Struggling to man the goalie and 2- rob with my left hand, I finally stuffed one of Chris' lethal 2-bar shots for the ugly win. Great games, Chris! MN Shuffle DYP - 7 teams 1st: Skip S/Roger L 2nd: William W III/Gene P 3rd: John W/Nate O Tom B/Chris M Ben T/Wayne A (WI) Uday/Josh B Scott L/Gene O As the bring wrapped up, we got to shuffling. This Shuffle was characterized by an unlikely number of preserving the team line-ups after the shuffle. Of the 9 shuffles that occurred, 5 re-shuffled to the same teams (beating the 1 in 3 odds). The beneficiaries? Gene P/John W, Nate O/Bill, Tom B/Chris M and Roger and Me (move still on the way) who all won multiple straight via the non-shuffle. Thanks to Jimmy's and their staff for hosting and to all the players for coming out. See you at... The Thanksgiving Draw Wed 11/27 and The MN Cup on the December Monthly 12/7. (both at Jimmy's)
  • French DYP Top 5 1st - Phil/TJ (Split) 1st - TJ/Pete 3rd - Brian/Max 4th - Brian/Phil 5th - Pete/Max
  • French DYP Top 5 1st - Phil/Max 2nd - TJ/Phil 3rd - Robb/TJ 4th - Brian/Pete 5th - Cole/Max

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